Dynamic Seal Of Authorisation

Realm Entertainment Limited
14 East, Level 9, Sliema Road, Gzira, Malta
Licence Number Licence Type Class Type Status
MGA/B2C/196/2010 B2C - Gaming Service Licence Service (B2C) - A licence to provide a service for the purposes of engaging with end consumers Licensed

Licence Number Game Type Approved Service Providers Approved Vertical Approved
MGA/B2C/196/2010 Type 1 Gaming Services • betfair exchange MGA/B2B/317/2016
• betfair sportbook MGA/B2B/230/2012
• betfair casino MGA/B2B/299/2015
• betfair live casino MGA/B2B/246/2013
• Virtualsspot Malta MGA/B2B/248/2013
• Alsatbet Limited MGA/B2B/139/2007
• Alsatbet Malta Limited MGA/B2B/225/2012
• Alsatbet Platform MGA/B2B/194/2010
• Alsatbet Live Casino Limited MGA/B2B/147/2007
• Red Tiger Gaming (Malta) Limited MGA/CRP/480/2018
• Blueprint Gaming Limited RN/113/2019
• ISB Magma Limited MGA/B2B/624/2018
• Oracle Gaming Shops Ltd MGA/B2B/811/2020
• Casino
• Lotteries
MGA/B2C/196/2010 Type 2 Gaming Services • Alsatbet Platform Solutions Limited MGA/B2B/194/2010
• Fixed Odds Betting
MGA/B2C/196/2010 Type 3 Gaming Services • Alsatbet Platform Solutions Limited MGA/B2B/194/2010
• Peer-to-peer Poker and Peer-to-peer Bingo
• Other Peer to Peer Games

Approved ADRs
Pardee Consulta limited